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Email marketing is another cost effective way to market your business to a wide audience. The bonus with an email marketing campaign is you can personalize it for each of your customers. You can group your customers and send different communication to each group which is specific to them or likely to be of more interest for them to end in higher click through rates for you.

Email campaigns also provide great insights by seeing how many people opened the mail, what button or links they clicked on and how long they spent reading your message.

Let us help you try this method and see how successful it can be for you. We have lots of ideas we can discuss for different criteria and how to grow your database.



Template Design

$175 + GST (can be used multiple times)

Initial questionnaire to establish a clear design brief

Bulk Email Campaign

$ quoted on application

Each campaign is very different so talk to us around your goal and we can provide recommendations and a quote to suit.