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It's all about the sound....


My working career before becoming a mum was spread across administrative and customer service roles both as part of a team and then managing those teams then branching off into Operations & Human Resource Management Roles. I have worked in both a direct to public serving and in 3PL logistics so business to business.


I am a widely skilled, versatile, energetic and self-motivated person with proven skills and abilities in managing large and small teams of people.


Broad ranging skill set covering, Customer Services, Administrative Practices and Coordination, Accommodation Sector, Event Coordination, Information Technology, Logistic & Operations Management, Project Management & Human Resources Management.


Excellent understanding and proficiency in people management with 16 year’s experience leading teams from 4 through to 100 pax.  


At the end of 2015 I left work to become a full-time mum and have enjoyed every minute. During these last 7 odd years I dibbled and dabbled helping friends and family with admin work or some project management where i had time around the kids, now they are both school age I have started to build up Yellow Tree.


I have friends and family who are small business owners and i see a each day how they struggle to keep on top of the many tasks they have. Taking on a full time or even part time employee to help with these is not always possible and is also a big commitment they can not always take. 

 I feel my broad skill set can help those small businesses to achieve all those tasks either on a one off or regular basis without the headache and pressure of adding a staff member. 


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