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Effective Communication

Social Media is a great way for small and medium sized businesses to communicate with customers and reach a large and targeted audience easily.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram help you reach a vast potential audience, often more intimately than through your website. No wonder companies big and small use it to build their brand.

Social media is a tool so you can contact customers quickly with important information, competitions, offers & new products. It can get instant customer feedback, quickly grow customer numbers & keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Put simply, the amount of time people spend on social media is increasing year on year. This means, like your audience, you should shift more of your attention to social media. We have 3.3 million Facebook users and 1.2 millon Instagram users and just over 2 million with Linkedin accounts in New Zealand. This is more per head of population than most countries including Austrailia the US and UK.

More than 70% of NZ users login each day.

Globally there are 2.45 billion users on Facebook each month, 1 billion on Instagram and 675 million active Linkedin accounts. The biggest growing age demographic on Facebook is 65years + with Instagram being most popular with young adults and Linkedin used by business professionals on all levels. 

This is a big market to have at your fingertips.

Talk to us about how we can help you use it to best benefit you and your business. Our plans are all tailorable.


Social Media Setup Package

 $175 + GST (one off fee per page)

Discuss your social media goals and recommend best platforms for you to achieve your goals.
Identify your target audiences
Set up or modify a Social Media channel ensuring your page sits in the best category and correctly aligned with your business and clients.
Analysis of any current online activity and mini analysis of competitors

Start Up Social Package

from $295 + GST monthly

1 post weekly across Social Media Channels
Monthly Insights Report for channels used
Assistance with setting up Monthly Schedule
Monitoring online activity
Recommendations on posts/campaigns

Engagement Drive Package

from $395 + GST monthly

1 – 3 Posts a week across social media channels
Monitoring and response to online activity
Monthly Insights Report with recommendations for next month’s schedule based on engagement
Assistance setting up monthly schedule

Facebook Advertising

$135 + GST per campaign + advertising costs

Ad Design
Identify target market
2 updates per week on campaign process
Full campaign report upon completion